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0-56 m²


Tiit is a comfortable and roomy two-storey log sauna. In front of the sauna is a large terrace, ideal for outdoor dining. The living room is connected with an open kitchen, forming one spacious room. For the living room you can access the bathroom leading to the large sauna. On the first floor there is … Continued


Siim is a cosy one-storey log sauna. In front of the sauna is a terrace and entering the house there is a lovely lounge. From the lounge you can access the bathroom and sauna. This sauna also has an extra storage room on the side on the house.


Pille is a one storey log cabin well-suited for a camping site or as a small summer cottage. In includes a nice large living room with a fireplace giving it a more warm and romantic feeling. There is a separated kitchen next to the living room. There is also a sauna and a bathroom. The … Continued

Lars 2

Lars 2 is a lovely log cabin designed for a couple. It has a spacious living room with plenty of windows to provide a wonderful view of the surroundings. There is a master bedroom with a separate wardrobe and a bathroom. In front of the cabin is a terrace where you can enjoy outdoor dining.

Lars 1

Lars 1 is a cosy log cabin. There is a nice terrace in front of the cabin and inside is a spacious living room, a bathroom and a bedroom.

Lars 3

Lars 3 is a wonderful light-filled log cabin, well-suited for a small family. This cabin has 2 bedrooms – one master bedroom and one smaller bedroom. Next to the bedrooms is a bathroom. The living room is spacious and large windows allow the sunlight to shine in and make the room wonderfully bright. There is … Continued

Camping Cabin 2

This cosy camping cabin is surprisingly spacious. The terrace in front of the cabin provides a lovely place for outdoor dining. The kitchen is slightly separated from the spacious living room. There is a bathroom and a separate restroom. Also there are two medium sized bedrooms.

Camping Cabin 1

This is a lovely log cabin with all comforts to make camping even more enjoyable. In front of the cabin is a terrace ideal for outdoor dining. Inside is a spacious living room connected to an open kitchen. From the kitchen you can access the bathroom. There are 2 bedrooms the cabin.


Aleks is a lovely smaller log sauna with a pool. This is a great place for spending time with friends. Entering the house there is a cosy lounge with a fireplace. The sauna is nice and roomy and you can cool yourself in the pool.