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log house

Glued laminated round log house

This time we are happy to show one home that has been made with glued laminated round logs. Log dimension is 230 mm. One side of the roof has been covered with solar panels. This solution gives good energy efficiency for the house.

7 Ways to Use Wooden Design

This post will cover the main advantages of wooden design and promises to give some inspiration on how, where and why to use it in a household. Main benefits with wooden design Gives a naturally beautiful and aesthetically pleasing look to a home Wood is a durable building material With proper care and handling it … Continued

Are you planning your dream home?

Design of the house. It’s always good when your house model has been completed in collaboration between experienced architects and an interior designer. Usually their long-term experience includes the planning and designing of hundreds and hundreds of residences and public buildings. Together with an architect and an interior designer you can create a house project that … Continued

7 things to know about horse stables

Today we hear more and more questions about horse stables. To give answers for most common questions we have put together this list of important things about horse stables. Here are some good tips you can use if you are thinking about building a safe horse stable for your horse. In this article we cover … Continued

Log cabin ClassRooms

In order to create positive emotions and a pleasant environment for children, we have manufactured several log cabin classrooms for the UK market. In co-operation with our partner we have built many classrooms in UK that are both liked by the children and offer a warm and cosy indoor climate. Using sustainable materials like wood … Continued