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wooden house benefits

Prefab homes in UK under 100k

As a home buyer, you may search for prefab homes UK under 100k. An affordable and efficient option to traditional, site-built homes. Look no further. We are here to introduce you to the world of prefab homes. Sometimes known as kit houses. Cost-effective off-site construction Prefab homes can offer significant cost savings compared to traditional, … Continued


The house insulation

In order to build a healthy, sustainable, and durable construction, materials and house elements have to be carefully considered. Insulation is one of the keys to making your house comfortable and the interior pleasant. If you are looking to improve bills and save money on energy consumption, insulation can also be the solution. Why insulate? … Continued


It all starts with trees

If everybody knows what wood is, the material itself and the construction field are still full of mystery for most of us. Wood is a breathing, natural and beautiful element largely used for buildings, shelters, boats, tools, furniture as well as design and decoration. A large part of the elements and objects surrounding us in … Continued