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Prefab house manufacturing


The wooden details/frame for element construction are manufactured using one of two fully automatic CNC production lines. Both production lines are made in Germany, in the Hundegger factory and are the most preferred equipment in house production today.

By using modern automatic production lines to manufacture the wooden frames, we can make/produce precise, pre-cut, tenoned and marked materials. This ensures the ideal precision/accuracy of your house and, thereby, the stability and strength of the construction.

After manufacturing the details for the frame construction on the Hundegger production lines, the details move on to the element production line. This is a full-scale factory instalment for manufacturing prefab houses, thanks to which we can guarantee fast delivery even to large orders, for example, for 100 houses.

Our prefab house assembly line consists of the following stations:

  • CNC-operated wooden frame assembly line
  • Preparation table for wooden framed doors and windows
  • Automatic line for cutting insulation
  • Buffer and assembly table
  • CNC-operated nailing table for boards
  • Turning table for wall elements
  • Assembly line for ventilation slats and wind barrier membrane
  • Nailing table for façade panelling
  • Finishing and lifting table for completed elements

In addition to fast delivery and large production capacity, one of the advantages of the full-scale prefab element assembly line is the high accuracy of manufacturing. This is enabled by the workstations based on strong metal frames. The stations are equipped with fixers and motors, ensuring a 90-degree corner in every element through all stages of the assembly.

All this guarantees a problem-free end result with high quality. Accurately measured elements allow fast, airtight and energy-efficient instalment of the prefabricated house.