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Discover Palmatin catalogues

Download the catalogues and brochures to have a close look and read all the information about the house ranges and wooden constructions. The comparative tables help you to compare and visualise the houses options and features.

You can use these catalogues to mark your favourite houses, design, and gather more ideas for your house. The PDF format make it easy to access the documents from everywhere and read them at any time.

Log houses & wooden constructions


The log house catalogue is composed of the log house models and other wooden constructions. You will find interesting details about the houses manufacture and their numerous advantages.

Prefabricated Houses


The prefabricated house catalogue gather all the prefabricated house models, plans and information and building process as well as the house components.

Additional House Elements & Accessories

Additional House Elements & Accessories

The “additional elements and accessories” catalogue gather extra elements for the house such as kitchen, roofing, fireplaces, exterior and interior finishing… but also many advice, ideas, information and products in order to guide you and help you complete the house of your dream.


Kitchens Magazine 2020

Way more, than just a kitchen! The kitchen is considered, by the majority of us, as the heart of a house. The kitchen occupies a prominent place in all homes, whether it is where to meet family, gather friends, wake up with a cup of coffee or prepare tasty dishes.



When winter arrives comes with it the need to warm up the house during cold evenings and nights. Nothing can compare to the heat, the warmth and the cosiness of a beautiful fireplace. Besides efficiently heating a room, a fireplace is perfect to create a delicate and comfortable atmosphere.

It is possible to install a fireplace in almost all the Palmatin house models, log or prefabricated ones. If you decide to finish your interior decoration and comfort with a warm hearth, Palmatin teams will be happy to help you select the best option for your house.



The range of Palmatin staircase is composed of many models ideal for your interior. Discover in this catalogue the materials, finishing, the shape of the stairs and assemble the components to create your staircase, suiting your interior. You will also find useful advice and essential questions to take into consideration before purchasing the stairs!’’