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Modern Wooden Houses: Guide to Building Your Dream Home

When you are considering modern wooden houses, we have practical steps and key considerations for you. We will cover various architectural styles, essential design elements, energy efficiency considerations, and customisation options, helping you create a functional and sustainable living space tailored to your unique preferences. With a hands-on approach, you’ll be well-equipped to achieve the … Continued

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Prefab homes in UK under 100k

As a home buyer, you may search for prefab homes UK under 100k. An affordable and efficient option to traditional, site-built homes. Look no further. We are here to introduce you to the world of prefab homes. Sometimes known as kit houses. Cost-effective off-site construction Prefab homes can offer significant cost savings compared to traditional, … Continued

Glued laminated timber benefits

Glued laminated timber, also known as glulam, is a type of engineered wood product that is made by bonding together several layers of wood veneer or lumber with adhesive. Glulam has several benefits that make it a popular choice for construction projects: Strength and stability: Glulam is stronger and more stable than solid wood of … Continued

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Wood as a natural construction material

Wood is a popular and versatile natural construction material that has been used for centuries. It is a renewable resource and can be easily sourced from forests and plantations. Wood is also lightweight, strong, and easy to work with, making it an ideal material for construction. One of the primary advantages of using wood in … Continued

Six log house benefits

Six log house benefits Log houses, also known as log cabins, are homes made from logs that are stacked horizontally and interlocked at the corners. Here are some benefits of log houses: Energy efficiency Log homes are very energy-efficient because wood is a natural insulator. It can help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature in all … Continued

7 things to know about horse stables

We get a lot of questions about horse stables. To give answers to the most common questions, we put together a list of important things about horse stables. Here are the key points you can use if you are thinking about building a safe horse stable for your horse. We’ll cover the following important points … Continued

Are you planning your dream home?

Design of the house. It’s always good when your house model has been completed in collaboration between experienced architects and an interior designer. Usually, their long-term experience includes the planning and designing of hundreds and hundreds of residences and public buildings. Together with an architect and an interior designer, you can create a house project that … Continued


The house insulation

In order to build a healthy, sustainable, and durable construction, materials and house elements have to be carefully considered. Insulation is one of the keys to making your house comfortable and the interior pleasant. If you are looking to improve bills and save money on energy consumption, insulation can also be the solution. Why insulate? … Continued


It all starts with trees

If everybody knows what wood is, the material itself and the construction field are still full of mystery for most of us. Wood is a breathing, natural and beautiful element largely used for buildings, shelters, boats, tools, furniture as well as design and decoration. A large part of the elements and objects surrounding us in … Continued


Foundations and all you need to know about it!

FOUNDATIONS Foundation plays crucial role in building stability. Building a house is always an exciting project, in which we involve our time, dreams, expectations and money. The construction of a house is composed of many essential steps. In this post, we speak about the foundations of the house and their settlement. The foundation construction is … Continued