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Log cabin ClassRooms

In order to create positive emotions and a pleasant environment for children, we have manufactured several log cabin classrooms for the UK market. In co-operation with our partner, we have built many classrooms in the UK that are both liked by the children and offer a warm and cozy indoor climate.

Using sustainable materials like wood is gaining popularity, and people increasingly understand the benefits of using natural and sustainable materials. Assembly of these houses is also quick and is not limited by weather conditions. Yes, these kit houses can even be built with snow.

With these types of projects, it is always important that all needs and requirements have been taken into account in engineering the project, and every square meter is well thought-out and planned. The rooms have enough space and light, so the children can feel good and focus on studying.

These types of log houses also set higher demands on manufacturer and builders. All buildings need to undergo pressure tests in addition to strict quality checks before being approved and getting an occupancy permit.

It is a pleasure to admit that a well-manufactured and correctly built log house can achieve almost 3 times the results as are required of a pressure test. Putting it simply, if the maximum allowed measure can be 10 points, then with log houses (total of 7 log cabin classrooms), the results have been between 3 and 3,2 points. Therefore, we can firmly state that properly manufactured log cabin classrooms are very airproof and warm construction type.

These environments with natural and good indoor climate have become more appreciated in many regions. In addition to log cabin classrooms, log house solutions are used in various other public building projects, and the trend is just gaining momentum.

In conclusion, the following points can be stated about classroom solutions:

1. Log house solution is a firm investment

By using natural materials, these types of classrooms last for years to come. Well-managed and regularly maintained log houses well surpass the lifespan of buildings made from stone or other constructions. Considering the options and budgets of today, it’s good to know that in average, the cost of a new log house and its’ assembly equals about one-third of the cost of a classical stone house.

2. Improved learning environment

Feedback from teachers and students confirms that log cabin classrooms have improved the learning environment and the results of the students. Natural insulation qualities of wood guarantee that rooms seem warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. Thanks to leaving a much lower CO2 footprint by building and using a log house, these kinds of classrooms provide a good example for children on the subject of caring for the environment.

3. Quick assembly of log cabin classrooms with minimal disturbance to everyday work

Thanks to the high level of completeness of the details and quick assembly of the log house, it is sometimes possible to finish building in 6 weeks. The log cabin classrooms would be built during the summer vacation.
An experienced assembly team will manage the project from start to finish, so you will not have to worry about it and can carry on with your everyday activities.

We certainly see a growing trend in this direction. We all want to offer our children the best environment for studying and for everyday life. Let’s acknowledge the importance of the environment and its’ sustainability early.

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