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Family Roosve log house

2 Floors
2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
122,5 Total area
61,3 Living area
39 Terrace/balcony area

What factors made you choose Palmatin as your log house producer?

We selected Palmatin thanks to fast feedback and informational webpage.  There were a lot of house plans and projects. Many other log house companies didn’t offer drawings. We asked price offers from 7 to 8 companies and only received two price offers – one was from Palmatin.

What were your preconceptions about log houses?

We desired a log house from beginning. We wished to have clean wooden walls, and no other materials on top of it

How have your perceptions changed after you bought a log house?

We are very satisfied with our decision about choosing a log house. The climate inside the house is very cosy and pleasant.

What do you like most about a log house?

We love the good, fresh smell of wood in the log house and the fact that no synthetic materials are used.

Did the log house meet your expectations?

Log house is the right type of house for us.

Did you have any hesitations before you decided to choose Palmatin? If so, what were they? How did we overcome your hesitations?

Everything went as planned, we got all necessary drawings for the building permission and the entire process went smoothly.

What are the three biggest benefits of using the product or working with us?

3 most important things we would like to point out are: keeping deadlines, customer service and we were always informed about the house production process and everything went without difficulty.

If you were recommending us to friend or colleague how would you describe the way we provided services to you?

We recommend Palmatin because all deadlines where met. We always had necessary information about the house production process, and we even visited the factory when our house was in production. All the details were correctly manufactured and we didn’t have any problems. We recommend our own positive experience with Palmatin, excellent time planning competence and good organizing skills.

Is there anything else you´d like to add that we haven’t asked about above?

You should add some materials against birds into your delivery packages

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