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Log home Margus

2 Floors
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
181 Total area
120 Living area
48,3 Terrace/balcony area

What factors made you choose Palmatin as your log house producer?

Suitable standard house design and smooth cooperation with your sales consultant.

What were your preconceptions about log houses?

We didn’t have any prejudice; we were sure about the type of house from beginning.

How is your perceptions changed after you bought log house?

Thermal performance of the log house has exceeded our expectations.

What do you like most about log house?

Easy to make finishing inside the house and healthy interior climate.

Did you expect that log house is exactly as it is?

Yes, we have had previously some experiences with log houses

Did you have any hesitations before you decided do choose Palmatin? If so, what were they? How did we overcome your hesitations?

We needed to make small changes to project, communicating with your sales consultant was very easy and that’s why we selected Palmatin.

What are three biggest benefits of using the product or working with us?

It is hard to answer in one sentence. The biggest advantage for me was that house was built incredibly fast and making changes to project was easy.

If you were recommending us to friend or colleague how would you describe the way we provided services to you.

I recommend Palmatin. I recommend the smooth cooperation through the whole project.

Is there anything else you´d like to add that is not yet asked about?

The role of Sales consultant was very important. Your competitors (we tried three-four producers) sales consultants weren’t adequate. Palmatin sales consultant was very helpful and we always got information that we needed. The whole selling process was made professionally and this was the main reason why we selected Palmatin.

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