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7 Ways to Use Wooden Design


This post will cover the main advantages of wooden design and promises to give some inspiration on how, where and why to use it in a household.

Main benefits with wooden design

  • Gives a naturally beautiful and aesthetically pleasing look to a home
  • Wood is a durable building material
  • With proper care and handling it can last hundreds of years and maintain its look
  • It can be easily cleaned, maintained and protected from everyday use

Furthermore wood offers a relaxing and spiritually soothing environment. People feel relaxed in nature. That is because trees have that effect to our mind and body. In Japan, taking a walk in a forest is regarded as being similar to natural aromatherapy (google “forest bathing” for more on that).

Trees are living beings with great power and energy. Wood used to be a living organism (without any feelings of course, don’t feel bad) and contained spiritual energy that can affect you in a positive way. Even long after a tree has been cut down and processed to make furniture, it still retains some of its vibrational energy. Once a tree has been harvested, it continues to provide us a relaxing environment.

Now let’s have a look at some useful examples of wooden design that can give you some ideas for your household.

1. A wooden staircase

Staircase is a fascinating architectural detail, one that belongs to every multistoried house. It ties the whole house together. A wooden staircase adds character to a traditional hallway and you can really show it off. The more attention you put on details, the more quality you get out of it.

For example wooden stairs can bring out wonderful contrast with walls and floors. They can display great craftsmanship and give your house a real natural look.

The right lighting can make your wooden staircase really stand out. Instead of a regular flight of stairs it can be then looked at as an art installation. You can achieve spectacular design with unconventional material like wood. Imagine a sculptural spiral staircase opening up the room.

All things considered, staircases are different and depend on your needs. With the help of professionals you can install a real masterpiece to your house.

2. A functional home office

Every now and then we look for the quiet place at home to work. Whether in the morning before heading to the workplace, during the quiet weekends or just on a rainy monday, sometimes you need to grab your laptop, sit down and start focusing on the tasks at hand.

There’s a fair chance that we’ll be more productive in a customized area and get things done faster. Allow me to give you a hint for setting up a home office.

Dark wood gives a more serious look to your home office.

Dark wood furniture, like a desk or cabinets have the same effect. That in case you don’t have the entire room for an office space, more like part of the hallway. In any case, dark wooden floor, walls and furniture create a serious and good-looking working environment.

It doesn’t actually take much effort for a simple wooden home office setup. Natural daylight and light wood create a workplace with beautiful minimalistic design. Wooden floors and furniture make for an attractive and functional home office. Be sure to give it a try!

3. A worthy kitchen

Kitchen is such an important part of every home because it is the center of day-to-day living. A worthy kitchen offers tranquility in the morning. It is where meals are prepared and where family and guests often gather to socialize, eat and cook together. A kitchen is a bonding area that not only makes your home complete, but also ties your loved ones together.

Here’s how using wood helps making your kitchen a lovely and worthy part of your home.

Start with a wooden kitchen table. You might think it belongs outside, but you’ll be amazed at how well it works inside. Whether you have a traditional or a modern kitchen, it looks great finished with a wooden table.

Install a wooden kitchen worktop. It provides you with an attractive and durable kitchen surface for years to come. They’re also great for both traditional rustic kitchens as well as contemporary, modern ones.

One of the main advantages of a wooden kitchen worktop is that wood improves with age. It can be kept in great condition for years. A wooden worktop can even increase the value of your home.

Let your imagination fly in creating wonderful wooden kitchen design.

4. A warm living room

Wood can be a beautiful part of your living room design. Taking into account that a living room is a place to relax and feel comfortable, but also gets a lot of exposure.

Wooden design adds character to your living room. Elements such as flooring, ceiling, window frames, doors, bookcases, tables and chairs look great in wood.

Installing wooden walls is a great way to give a natural look to your living room.

Adding other wooden interior design elements to the mix only benefits the cause. They add warmth and coziness to your living room.

5. An elegant dining room

A saying by Virginia Woolf goes that one cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well.

Let a wooden dining table take center stage. A chunky wooden table can be a real focal point in the dining room.

Along with some vintage wooden chairs your dining room wooden design is basically complete.

Of course you can add flooring and other wooden elements.

6. Outside wooden design

Wood is an effective material outside as well. It adds visual warmth to any space and stays comfortable in hot weather.

In a garden you can use wooden flooring where necessary

Depending on your garden you can add various useful wooden elements to it. Many of the same rules apply when designing your outdoor space as they do inside. Try to think of your garden as a room without a ceiling.

Wood can be used for building pathways for your garden or for your plant and flower holders.

In addition wooden walls and fences can look stunning in the right place.

7. A natural bathroom

Last but not least, we will cover some possibilities on how you can design your bathroom with wood. Once again, there are quite a lot of prospects.

Wooden panels for floors and walls create a really cozy atmosphere in your bathroom. Other bathroom appliances, like bathtubs can look very elegant in wood as well. And with modern waterproof coating you don’t have to worry about any water damage.

The styles you are able to create when using wooden design in your bathroom vary from modern to rustic.

In conclusion, wood allows amazing design in any household. You get a much better feel, sound and reflection of light than with other materials. It offers more colour, depth and gives a softer look compared to other harder solutions.

Wood is durable and looks fantastic from floor to ceiling. As a whole it adds warmth to any household.

All in all wood provides a natural beauty that is hard to beat with any other material available on the market today.


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