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Cross-laminated timber panel – CLT panel


Cross-laminated timber (CLT) panel is modern, environmentally-friendly and flexible panel.

The cross-laminated timber panel is strong timber panel which features excellent load-bearing capacity. It fits perfectly with every design requirement due to the flexibility in the panel’s dimensions and very good physical properties.

The panel, glued from cross-laminated sections, which uses high-quality raw materials guarantees absolutely precise dimensions of the panels and their accuracy and rigidity.

Cross-laminated panels are widely used starting from residential buildings to large-scale apartment building projects. Large-size solid wood panels can easily handle the special requirements of statics.

Due to its high bearing capacity, the cross-laminated timber panel is an excellent choice for multi-storey houses and administrative buildings.

Quick and easy installation of elements significantly reduces the time needed for construction work.

The flexibility of the panels production offers a wide range of opportunities for contemporary architects and devotees to traditional building styles.



Production of panels from cross-laminated timber

Finger-joined and planed lamellas are placed bulk next to each other, after which the lamellas are glued to each other.

Quality of panels:

Industrial quality:

In non-visible structures, with all structural properties, for use in non-visible structures (e.g. under the gypsum board)

Standard quality:

Additional requirements for visual requirements

Quality of the living space

High requirements for visible parts of the element. The highest optical evaluation criterion for lumber is used here. The thickness of the lamellas is max. 20 mm and they are treated with gluing and pre-drying, ensuring minimal opening of joints. The lamellas are all pre-bonded and to prevent cracks from drying on the flat side, no glued length-wise any more.

For information:

Wood is a natural material. There may be some variations in the quality of the surface, even with the most careful selection of raw materials. The appearance of a cross-laminated panel is determined by its topmost layer.

Loading and transport

In order to ensure the optimal construction speed of the cross-laminated panels, it should be planned when ordering the raw materials. According to this plan, it is possible to plan the whole production so that panels can be sent immediately to the site for installation. A suitable solution must be found between the customer’s desires and the possibilities of loading. To always have adequate information about the loaded batches, we always notify you several days before loading. We will also let you know which panels are loaded and prevent installation delays or waiting for lifting devices.

Transportation is possible:
Panels on the truck’s floor horizontally
Panels in a load are upright, i.e. vertically

Raising Panels:
Cross-laminated panels are provided with installation support. This means that the panels have slinging ropes or special lifting points for lifting them in the factory and at the construction site.