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Family Ranna Log home

1 Vloeren
1 Slaapkamers
1 Badkamers
90 Totale oppervlakte
75 Leefruimte
24 Terras/balkon

What factors made you choose Palmatin as your log house producer?

We selected Palmatin because we had already ordered 1 log house previously and we are very satisfied with it.

What were your preconceptions about log houses?

There were no other alternatives. We prefer to use natural materials as much as possible. Synthetic materials are not for us. And we like the good interior climate of log house.

How is your perceptions changed after you bought log house?

We are satisfied with our choice

What do you like most about log house?

In log house we like most its natural materials and superb interior climate.

Did you expect that log house is exactly as it is?

Yes, because we already own one log house that is made by Palmatin. Our expectations to new log house where the same and all of them are fulfilled.

Did you have any hesitations before you decided do choose Palmatin? If so, what were they? How did we overcome your hesitations?

No, we didn’t have any hesitations.

What are three biggest benefits of using the product or working with us?

Tree biggest benefits of log house in our opinion are its natural materials, lovely design and it fits very well with nature around the house.

If you were recommending us to friend or colleague how would you describe the way we provided services to you.

We recommend Palmatin because all deadlines where met. We always had necessary information about the house production process, and we even visited the factory when our house was in production. All materials where done correctly and we didn’t had any problems.

Is there anything else you´d like to add that is not yet asked about?

Summer houses should always have big wide terrace, which should be covered with roof, so that you can use it even when it is raining.

When you live in nature and you want to preserve surroundings as much as possible, then building a log house is a good solution. All materials that are used to build the log house can be installed manually and you don’t need heavy equipment like trucks or crane driving in backyard.

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