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4544 huizen gemaakt sinds 1995

Family Nõupuu (Log home Noupuu)

1 Vloeren
1 Slaapkamers
1 Badkamers
49,5 Totale oppervlakte
45,5 Leefruimte
23 Terras/balkon

What factors made you choose Palmatin as your log house producer?

We started our search for log house already 5 years ago. We then took price offers from house producers. Now 5 years later only company Palmatin was still in business.

What were your preconceptions about log houses?

We loved log houses long before that. Our biggest prediction was that log houses are very expensive. We also thought that log houses are not warm enough in winter time without additional insulation.

How is your perceptions changed after you bought log house?

Actually the price for the log house was the same as for other type of constructions. And it was really surprising for us, how warm the house was in winter time.

What do you like most about log house?

Natural wood material, cosy and warm.

Did you expect that log house is exactly as it is?


Did you have any hesitations before you decided do choose Palmatin? If so, what were they? How did we overcome your hesitations?

We didn’t have any hesitations regarding house producer, because Palmatin was still in business after 5 years. This was enough proof for us.

What are three biggest benefits of using the product or working with us?

Low energy consumption, easy to finish for inside and outside, walls needs only painting. Good interior climate.

If you were recommending us to friend or colleague how would you describe the way we provided services to you.

We have already suggested Palmatin to many people who came to see the house while we were building it up. Everybody who saw the house liked it very much. We are very satisfied how the services were provided; we always had necessary information about our order.

Is there anything else you´d like to add that is not yet asked about?

We especially liked that we could order things regarding our own drawings and designs. And that the house was produced exactly as we wished it to be. Price for construction works were little bit high.

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